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Are our seats in the stadium side by side?
FootballTickets2Go gives a 100% guarantee that you have seats next to each other in the stadium. For groups of three people or more, your group can be divided into smaller groups. If you are with more than three people and you would like to sit next to each other with all together, please contact us before ordering. We will then inquire the possibilities for you.

Are my football tickets guaranteed?
Once you have paid and received a confirmation, the football tickets will be ordered for you. However, if we can not get tickets, you will hear this within 24 hours.

Why are the prices on the ticket much cheaper than what I paid for it?
Football tickets are in many cases obtained through foreign suppliers and through the clubs themselves through the use of member cards. The prices of the match tickets are always determined in accordance with the market value that applies at that time for the match concerned. The price is determined by supply and demand. As a result, it may occur that we have to pay a much higher amount than the original ticket price.

Why do we use season and member cards?
If you have received season tickets or membership cards before the match, they must be returned to the reception of your hotel, preferably on the evening after the macth. In case you do not stay in a hotel, you must return the tickets to FootballTickets2Go within 1 working day. In the event of a loss or failure to return the season or member cards on time, the costs, possibly supplemented with suffered damage, will be fully recovered from the customer

Are our seats between supporters from the home club or away?
We always provide seats between the home supporters, unless you have chosen differently.

Are my seat numbers already known at the time of booking?
The exact seat numbers are not yet known during booking, in which category the seats are.

Can I cancel my order?
FootballTickets2Go guarantees every order therefore it is not possible to cancel. If a match is moved, the tickets are valid for the new match date. If the match is canceled and not re-scheduled, you will receive your money back. If you really can not go, we ask you to contact us. We will then search for a solution for you.

How do I receive my football tickets?
Your football tickets can be delivered in five ways:
1) They are delivered by a courier at your hotel. This will take place no later than 09:00 h (local time) on match day. Your hotel reception signs for the receipt of the football tickets.
2) We will send them to you by registered mail. You will receive a tracking number by e-mail so that you can track the shipment yourself.
3) A courier from FootballTickets2Go will deliver it to you personally (hand delivery). An appointment will be made in advance with you.
4) You must pick them up yourself on the match day at the box office or ticket pick-up point near the stadium. You will receive an instruction about this by e-mail.
5) You can receive e-tickets (electronic tickets) in your mail box and you can print them yourself.

Can I also book by telephone or fax?
Unfortunately it is not possible to book by telephone or fax. To make booking as efficient as possible, we ask you to place your order online on our website and pay directly.

Why are the prices higher than the cost price (price on the ticket)?
FootballTickets2Go does not always buy the football tickets directly from the football clubs but via ticket brokers. The prices are determined by the demand on the market and the club/match concerned. The bigger the demand, the more difficult and thus expensive it is to buy the football tickets.

I want to buy the football tickets as a gift! Is that possible?
You can order and pay for the football tickets online, the tickets are not registered and can therefore be used by anyone. If the cards are registered to you personally, we will contact you after your order.

Do children receive an extra discount?
Unfortunately, no child discount applies to football tickets. Our ticket brokers use one price regardless of age.

Do we still receive a discount as a group?
For bookings of more than 9 people, we ask you to contact us. We will then explore the possibilities for you.

Is VAT included in the price?
Our prices are always all-in prices. VAT is therefore already included in our prices on the website.

What costs will be added to the prices on the website?
We only work with all-in prices, so you will never face additional costs. In our filosophy that is the easiest and clearest way, both for you and us.

I did not receive an e-mail confirmation of my order. How is that possible?
In most cases that is because our e-mail confirmation is classified as spam (unwanted mail) by your e-mail provider. In that case you can find our e-mail in your spam box. If this is not the case, please contact us. We will then send the e-mail to you again.

Why FootballTickets2Go?

  • 100% guarantee for your tickets
  • FootballTickets2Go guarantees seats next to each other.
  • FootballTickets2Go is safe and reliable.
  • Timely delivery of your tickets
  • Quick and personal contact
  • Official partner of VoetbalOnTour
  • Very wide range of tickets and categories

FootballTickets2Go, The specialist in football tickets

FootballTickets2Go is an online platform that offers separate football tickets for football matches of many top clubs in Europe. FootballTickets2Go strives to offer every football fan the chance to visit a European match at fair prices. Our range of tickets is very wide, so you can visit various top clubs throughout Europe. We offer various categories for all competitions, from standard seats to VIP tickets. FootballTickets2Go cooperates with various ticket brokers and serves clients all over the world.

FootballTickets2Go gives 100% guarantee for your tickets.
FootballTickets2Go guarantees seats next to each other.
FootballTickets2Go is safe and reliable.
FootballTickets2Go official partner of VoetbalOnTour.

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